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Here are just a few words our students have said about our language tuition courses…


“I am very happy to inform you that I passed my OET exam in October. That time I felt like I “broke the wall”. I am so grateful to you for teaching and motivating us and for your compassionate and cheerful approach to doing this. I still remember your pieces of advice (and I use them!), and your style of life is a sample for me of how a person can manage many things successfully. Sometimes I speak with the members of our group, and we prepare for exams together or just chat. Now I am preparing for my PRES 2/PLAB 1.”

Julia is a very experienced and skilled Spanish teacher, but most of all she is a lovely person who makes learning Spanish fun. In her classes, I feel relaxed and able to make mistakes (which of course I learn from) without feeling uncomfortable. I’m confident to ask questions as Julia is always helpful and willing to answer them. She has really helped me to improve my Spanish, as well as my understanding of grammar and the structure of the language. She has a great sense of humour and makes Spanish lessons interesting and entertaining.

I have been having lessons with Julia for the past 18 months. We initially met as she was the teacher on the Spanish course I enrolled for through my local adult learning college. I find her teaching style to be fun and engaging but also obviously knowledgeable. When I could not continue with the college as they changed the day of the week the course was on, I had no hesitation in signing up with Julia to continue my studies. I was not the only one from that class and I recommend her.

“I retired early but before reaching the age of sixty I felt that I was starting to forget things. This I found worrying as I had relied on being mentally sharp for my job. I had heard, from the TV and the radio, both programs by Michael Mosley, that learning a language or taking up dancing was beneficial for giving the brain a workout and keeping what marbles I still had left. Hence I started to learn Spanish. I have enjoyed this and feel that it is indeed helping to exercise my mind and it seems to be having the desired effect. The number of times I go to a different room in the house but can’t remember why I went there has diminished.”

“Ann is kind, patient, fun, friendly and relaxed.”

“Ann is an exceptional tutor who is able to tailor learning to my level, address my concerns and support me to achieve at a higher level than I had considered achievable at the moment. My confidence has grown and with it my ability to take on complex content that had previously been challenging.”

“Thank you Julia for giving such wonderful and helpful lessons. I enjoyed every class spending time with you and I learned a lot from you, it’s so lovely speaking with you via our online course. I still remember we had a lesson called “success and failure”, discussing different perspectives on success and failure. I also shared an ancient Chinese proverb that says “Failure is the mother of success” with you. It’s an amazing journey that we are from different countries and cultures, but through the internet we can share things and perspective with each other. And the most important thing is that I can improve my English skills through our language lesson. It’s very practical and helpful! Thank you very much!”

“Julia has been great, very patient, speaking in both Spanish and English to us, preparing Power points (smart board) with interactive activities, lots of paired work to practise and printing/making worksheets for homework.”

“Mandy did an amazing job translating on our wedding day and everybody complemented her and us for providing an interpreter during the ceremony. Her presence made my family feel genuinely part of the occasion. Her translation captured the essence of the ceremony and I also think she was able to maintain the poetry in translating the poems. Thank you.”

“Julia is a very talented, supportive and enthusiastic teacher. I have really enjoyed the course and am very satisfied with the learning and teaching.”

“I have learnt a great deal on this course and it will help me in my new job. The credit should be given to our tutor, Julia, who is a great teacher and adapted the class and course material to suit ach of our needs.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course (my third to date). The class was very friendly and the tutor, Julia, was amazing. Very helpful, understanding and knowledgable, an asset to the course and adult education.”

“Thanks Julia, I’m really liking this, it is really suiting me to not have the pressure of “keeping up” with a class etc and knowing I can go over things many times! Thank you.”

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